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Savings Bank of Russia Processes 140,000,000 Cards Online on the WAY4 Digital Payment Platform

Savings Bank of Russia, the largest retail bank in Central and Eastern Europe, is using the WAY4 processing platform to increase its issuing volumes by 200% every five years.
Savings Bank of Russia (Sberbank)
As of 2014, Sberbank was the largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe, and the third largest in Europe, ranked 33rd in the world and first in central and Eastern Europe in The Banker's Top 1000 World Banks ranking.
In 2009 the bank issued more than 30 million cards. That is double the number of cards issued five years ago when the bank migrated from a legacy processing system to WAY4.
Today, Savings Bank of Russia has three processing centres that serve 120,000,000 debit and credit cards, over 200,000,000 online accounts, and 20,000 branches across 11 time zones. WAY4 takes care of accounting and product management; EMV smart card issuing; acquiring and personalisation; transaction routing and card authorisation; and multi-level real-time risk management. It handles inter-office and inter-bank payment and clearing operations as well as automated dispute resolution. Time-to-market for the bank’s comprehensive card products and services has significantly decreased.
The bank offers digital banking services, debit and credit cards - EMV and virtual, MasterCard, Visa and local cards. Working with Russia’s largest airline, the bank has introduces the “Visa Aeroflot” card, which allows cardholders to accrue and redeem air miles. In addition to loyalty programmes, the bank has also launched several card-based charity and social projects.
Recently, Savings Bank of Russia became the first bank in the country to connect to Apple Pay. The project was implemented on the basis on the WAY4 Digital Wallet software solution by OpenWay.
Industry: Card and Merchant Management
Project: High-Volume Card Issuing and Merchant Acquiring
Project Implementer: OpenWay Group
Savings Bank of Russia

Savings Bank of Russia


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