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WAY4 CMS is the software solution for fast, flexible and powerful card and merchant management from the market leader.
Gartner, the world leader in IT research and consulting, gave OpenWay the highest possible rating (‘strong positive’) in 2009 and 2010.


WAY4 CMS is designed to manage customers, accounts, products and transactions within a comprehensive management framework. Its intelligent product engineering enables business development teams to invent, build and manage their own products. WAY4’s efficiency is proven by the success enjoyed by more than 90 banks, payment service providers, telcos and governmental agencies located in 20 countries. Our clients are issuing and acquiring millions of debit and credit cards through their unique product portfolios.

Multi-Purpose Solution

For Banks and Processors
Issuers and acquirers with different processing volumes
Principal and affiliated/associated members of payment schemes
Multi-branch banks
MSP/TPP processors
Inter-institution clearing and settlement
Multiple institutions with different products, countries, currencies, languages (double-byte), time zones and accounting policies on a single platform
SEPA-compliant issuers and acquirers
Shariah-compliant processors
Dynamic Currency Conversion and other specialised processors
For Telecommunication Companies
e-Money processors
Airtime dealer management platform

Product Management

Invent, build, manage and integrate multiple products on the single platform
VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners Club, JCB, CUP, private label
ATM/debit, pre-paid cards
Credit, overdraft, charge cards
Installment cards, all-in-one
Corporate, purchasing, fleet, lodge cards
Loyalty, gift, affinity, healthcare, payroll cards
Virtual cards, 3-D Secure e-commerce
EMV, pre-authorised, magnetic stripe, contactless
In-Branch Instant Issuing
Configure both issuing and acquiring products
Specify service terms and pricing
Define and manage customer segmentation
Define your own services
Model product lifecycle
Set transaction and service-level pricing and terms
Develop product and service promotion campaigns

Channel Management

POS management
Self-service channels online 24/7
Secure full-functional mobile banking
Online management of cards, accounts, payments, sales, and other services
User-friendly mobile midlet
GPRS/SMS transport
Mobile Dynamic Protection
Mobile Midlet OTP
Maximum variety of services on each channel
Tight integration with teller workplaces

Customer Profile

Dynamic consolidation of customer’s products, services, and personal data from different systems into a single customer profile
Single customer profile for all channels
Individual and group (segment) profile
Customer segmentation
Targeted online advertising & sales via self-service channels
Personalised payment & transfer templates
Dynamic channel interface based on a client segment
Personalised customer risk profile managed via mobile channels
Hierarchical customer structures for corporate cardholders and merchant chains
Closed customer groups and loyalty clubs

Relationship Management

Hierarchical retail chains & corporate structures
Multi-tiered authorisation, billing & reporting levels
Multi-channel service
Customer-centric communication
Customer segmentation
Customer card and account portfolio consolidation
Personalised payments, transfers and messages
Targeted sales and marketing campaigns
Multiple workflows
Application processing
Dispute assistance
Consumer debt collections
Risk management
Versatile event management
Customer behaviour-based loyalty programmes

Comprehensive Accounting

Unlimited number of accounts for each product
Normal and BTL accounting
Multi-currency accounting
Various credit schemes
Revolving with grace period
Charge cards
Instalment schemes
Online conversion/restructuring of loans
Flexible billing and payment rules
Account hierarchies and sub-account management
Real-time customer- and group-level risk control
Automatic event-based fees generation and account status management
Repayment and direct debit rules
End-to-end transaction accounting
Interest, fees and penalties accrual
Multi-currency accounting
Loyalty accrual and redemption accounting
Delinquency accounting
Multi-language statements
Enhanced invoice data management
Chart of accounts definition, account numbering rules
Cost and profit centre accounting
Dynamic account setup
Special accounting for miles, petrol, bonus points
Co-finance loans and loyalty programmes with merchants and 3rd parties
Consolidated and detailed data export to General Ledger, integration with Core Banking
Custom GL and SAP GL integration

Rule-Driven Pricing

Flexible rules for interest rates, commissions, penalties and incentives
Group and individual tariffs
Pricing for marketing campaigns (happy hours, special offers)
Dynamic pricing dependent on client activity

EMV Card Personalisation

EMV and magnetic stripe data preparation
Key management
Various personalisation schemes
Instant EMV in-branch issuing
PIN generation and mailer printing
Customer PIN selection
Integration with 3rd party personalisation bureaux
Automated post-personalisation EMV check


Rule-based online application processing
Online scoring
Interface to credit bureaux
Interface to DWH, CRM and customer data storage

Real-Time Risk Management

Risk management by individual client, client segment, product, service, channel
On-line risk monitoring and fraud prevention
Group and individual velocity control and action management
Real-time customer-level liability and risk control
Real-time service terms validation
Stop list processing
Suspicious transaction reports
EMV risk profile management
Automated card/cardholder/merchant profiling

Business Process Automation

Application processing workflow
Chargeback/dispute workflow
Debt collections workflow
Daily procedures scheduling
Online posting
Zero end-of-day downtime (true 24x7)
Variety of interfaces to third party switches, networks, PSPs

SEPA Compliance

Pan-European and local rules
Cross-border SEPA issuing and acquiring
UNIFI support
Multi-institutions payment switching and clearing
Multiple languages and time zones
Gateways to all international payment schemes
Full 100% EMV support since 2001
All product types
Integrated debit and credit products
Product-oriented reporting facilities
Multi-channel services
Seamless integration with your legacy environment


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WAY4 Core

WAY4 Issuing

WAY4 Acquiring

WAY4 Multiple Financial Institutions

WAY4 Data Preparation and Card Personalisation

WAY4 AMEX Interface

WAY4 CUP Interface

WAY4 Diners Club Interface

WAY4 JCB Interface

WAY4 MasterCard Interface

WAY4 Visa Interface

WAY4 POS Management

WAY4 ATM Management

WAY4 NDC/DDC Configuration Builder

WAY4 Self-Service Kiosk Management

WAY4 ATM/Kiosk Network Statistic Analyser

WAY4 Mobile Banking

WAY4 Web Banking

WAY4 3-D Secure ACS

WAY4 3-D Secure MPI

WAY4 Bill Payment Interface

WAY4 Consumer Collection

WAY4 Core Banking Interface

WAY4 Customer Profile Management

WAY4 Host System Interface

WAY4 Real-Time Risk Management

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