WAY4 PSD2 Hub & Instant Payments

WAY4 PSD2 demo at Money2020
Visit our stand #A30 at Money202 for live demos of PSD2, Instant Payments, CMS and Wallets!


Be Ready

1-second response for instant payments
PSD2 hub to play the roles of PISP, AISP, and ASPSP
Parallel request processing
Banking APIs

Be Secure

Online transaction risk analysis and RBA
SCA (strong customer authentication)
with mobile-driven authentication SDK
Merchant TRA-driven tokens
PA-DSS compliance

Be Open

True 24/7 payment availability
Development portal

Be On Time

White-label on-premise implementation
Comprehensive support from the vendor: joint business analysis, clear and concise requirements, customisation, training – before, during and after launch
Agile development and delivery, on-site support
Feature growth one step ahead of the competition
Early bird innovation

Be Friendly

Improve customer journey and increase profit with personalised financial and shopping assistance
Seamless customer payment experience
Help your customer select the most beneficial payment method

Be The Leader

Decide and implement now with WAY4 PSD2 Hub.


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