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Gartner, the world leader in IT research and consulting, gave OpenWay the highest possible rating (‘strong positive’) in 2009.

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WAY4 Web Banking. Personal Space.

WAY4 Web Banking is the foundation of a client's ‘personalised Internet office’, providing 24/7 online access to all banking services. The client can manage his/her cards and accounts, open new ones, buy and sell mutual fund shares, enrol for services. This personal space can be used to make payments and transfers, settle bills, receive and respond to personalised information and marketing messages, contact the bank online and use other bank services. All the personal settings made on the web banking or other channel automatically become available for the client on all channels.
Interaction between product systems and data storages of the bank and service providers is powered by the WAY4 integration platform which supports single customer profiles and centralised channel management. The bank therefore enjoys fast time-to-market and clients get instant access to all bank products via 24/7 online remote service channels.
WAY4’s high performance levels ensure quality customer service on all channels, whether the bank serves several thousand clients or tens of millions.
The single authentication centre supports multiple protection methods, increasing the security and usability of your bank’s service network.

WAY4 Mobile Banking. Take–Away Banking.

WAY4 offers a mobile banking system that fits the needs of both novice and advanced mobile phone users. The system works on GPRS, so clients can request and use bank services in real-time at home, at work, abroad – wherever Internet access is available for their mobile phones. If GPRS isn’t available, the system switches to a standby SMS channel.
A Java application loaded onto the mobile phone provides a handy menu based on the client’s customer segment and personal preferences. Clients use the menu to get instant access to product portfolios, payment and transfer templates, plus a personal email box. The client can activate special offers, open new accounts, request and receive virtual cards, monitor the status of bank applications – in other words, use any bank service available by Internet and other WAY4-driven delivery channels. Since mobile phones are always at hand, mobile banking is often the most accessible and convenient service channel.
For security of mobile operations, the application is personalised, and the data flow between the host and the phone is duly encrypted. For secure web banking and e-commerce, the mobile banking application generates one-time passwords in compliance with WAY4 Midlet Authentication technology.

WAY4 ATM. Smart Seller.

With the WAY4 terminal management solution, the bank can turn its ATM and kiosk network into a targeted sales and personalised service machine. Personalised interactive offers based on customer segment and profile details can be displayed on screens of the ATM/kiosk and sent to the client’s email box, thus encouraging clients to use more products and services. For example, if a client’s salary card balance stays over 100 euros for 2 months, he/she is offered the opportunity to open a deposit account online and attach the new account to the salary card.
Since interactive operations are supported, clients can manage their product portfolio in real time: request and receive information, open new accounts, replenish cards and accounts with cash, make transfers to their own cards and accounts and to other individuals and service providers.
Each client has a personal space to store payment and transfer templates and where, for example, bill reminders are sent. This stimulates payment and transfer activity in the bank’s terminal network. Moreover, the system is accessible to both cardholders and clients without cards.


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