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Business overview

With the WAY4 DCC software solution, you can benefit from dynamic currency conversion services. WAY4 DCC provides cardholders with transparent debited amount information, merchants with higher service level, and acquirers with higher conversion profit.
The purpose of a DCC transaction is to enable cardholders to transact in a currency of their choice while paying the merchants in their conventional payment currencies. Therefore, the merchants won’t have to bother about trading currencies, and the cardholders will know the transaction amount that will appear on the statement upfront the transaction.
In this scheme, it is crucial for acquirers to properly manage the conversion rates and estimate the service profitability. To make the new service attractive for merchants and eventually to attract new merchants, acquirers should provide flexible merchant incentives. Acquirers may also decide to outsource the dynamic currency conversion to a third party processor or a DCC provider.
These and other objectives of DCC business can be easily met when using OpenWay's WAY4 DCC solution.


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