WAY4 Commercial Cards

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Design Your Commercial Products

Create products that meet every commercial demand:
Corporate and executive card products
Business card products
Purchasing card products
Lodge card products
Fleet and fuel card products
Related card products
Mixed card products
“All-in-one” card products
Offer products from any card:
Charge cards
Revolving credit cards
Debit cards
Prepaid and co-branded loyalty cards
EMV smart cards, magnetic stripe, contactless cards
Visa and MasterCard

For Every Kind of Business

Large national and international corporations
Medium-size businesses
Small businesses

For Every Business Need

Commercial card issuing and acquiring
Full support of VISA and MasterCard requirements for commercial card processing and reporting
T&E enhanced data processing and consolidation
Processing and matching of addendum data (lodge, passenger transport, vehicle rental, purchasing and other addenda)
Expense control
Customisable web and downloadable reporting
Ad hoc corporate reporting
Interfaces to external data repositories
Interfaces with expense management and reconciliation packages

Use Flexible Business Rules

Flexible authorisation and billing rules
Automated control of corporate product policy
Accounting and reporting of personal and corporate expenditure by SIC and more than 15 other criteria
Flexible pricing, billing, and liability rules
Multinational functions (multiple currenncies, languages, and time zones)
International, national and regional rules
Comprehensive control of preferred merchants
Solutions for enhanced data acceptance
VGIS XML addenda compliance
Comprehensive reporting, CDF reporting
Fully integrated back-office and front-end processes give you total control over your products and services online

Enjoy Unlimited Hierarchies

Unlimited hierarchies for authorisation, billing and reports
Unlimited number of billing levels in the corporate hierarchy
Flexible preferred merchants hierarchies
Hierarchical limits and authorisation by preferred merchants (15+ criteria including unlimited hierarchical MCC groups)
Address hierarchies (statements, PIN and card delivery)

Gain Value-Added Features

Complementary products (extended warranty etc.)
Discount and reward schemes for cardholders and merchants
Flexible customer behaviour analysis rules


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