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OpenWay Certified SellbyCell mPOS Solution with Chip&PIN Support

Certification of a mobile acquiring solution with Chip&PIN support is a first for the Russian market

July 10, 2014

mPOS device SellbyCell
OpenWay and SBC Technologies (SellbyCell trademark) announced certification of the first mobile POS Chip&PIN solution in Russia for compliance with OpenWay technical requirements for EMV support and compatibility with the WAY4 payment card issuing software solution.
A mobile payment batch service for acquirers using WAY4 card processing by OpenWay has been implemented on the Russian market for the first time. The SellbyCell solution includes a mobile application and dual wireless card-reader, integrated with the payment gate.
SellbyCell's mPOS Chip&PIN solution supports authorization for Visa and MasterCard EMV cards with PIN entry to confirm a transaction. Implementation of this technology not only allows a merchant to confirm the identity of a cardholder and guarantee a transaction, but means the responsibility for fraudulent transactions is transferred from the merchant to the issuing bank.
"This certification has allowed us to implement full-fledged service for payments through mPOS using PINs, compliant with requirements comparable with the high standard for accepting EMV cards on standard POS acquiring channels. As a result, the SellbyCell mPOS solution makes it possible to create one's own new-generation POS terminal/mPOS networks for merchants and banks", commented Filipp Dorovskikh, Vice President of the PaynetEasy group.
"Certification of the SellbyCell Chip&PIN solution allows SBC Technologies to offer acquirers and merchants whose business requires accepting payments outside the office a high-tech solution that will fully comply with strict security requirements. Moreover, considering that January 1, 2015 Russian legislation on a move to issuing chip cards will come into effect, support of Chip&PIN technology becomes especially important.
Working together with mPOS vendors in the area of certification, OpenWay strives to increase the quality of mobile acquiring services on the Russian market", says Anton Kolomiets, director of OpenWay's office in Moscow.
OpenWay Group

OpenWay Group was founded over 15 years ago. We develop WAY4, an innovative e-payment processing framework for banks, payment processors, telcos and petrol companies.

OpenWay was initially headquartered in Brussels, Belgium with one R&D team there and another in St. Petersburg, Russia. Today we are a global company with 10 offices and 130 customers around the world.

Our portfolio consists of WAY4 Card and Merchant Management, Financial Switching, Personalised Channel Banking, Prepaid Cards, E-Commerce, Mobile Payments, Digital Wallet, DCC, Fuel Cards, and other solutions.

Our customers include tier-1 giants, mid-size companies, and ambitious start-ups:

WAY4 live installations consistently demonstrate high performance; for example, 90 million cards issued and authorized on a single platform and 12 million POS/ATM clearing transactions processed daily by a single acquirer.

OpenWay, known for its commitment to long-term relationships, both serves customers locally and provides global support. Today our team unites approximately 500 payment business, digital technology, and security professionals.

SBC Technologies

SBC Technologies is part of the PaynetEasy group and specializes in developing and implementing modern payment solutions for electronic and mobile commerce as well as offline acquiring in Russia and the CIS. "SBC Technologies" launched SellbyCell mPOS service first introduced at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2012. SellbyCell was the first on the Russian mobile acquiring market to implement a certified combined mPOS solution recommended by MasterCard and VISA in countries with a high penetration of chip cards. The SellbyCell mPOS solution is included in the Visa Ready list of solutions and MasterCard Mobile POS program.

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