Introducing WAY4

A New-Generation Processing System
Until now, many people assumed that new-generation processing systems were just not capable of high production volumes. WAY4 shatters this illusion with superb results verified on the largest hardware platforms produced by providers such as Sun, HP and IBM.
Built on an Oracle platform using high-end UNIX clusters, Java, C and XML technologies, WAY4 is being run today by high-volume customers as well as by niche players with specialised products.
Card and Transaction Management Framework
WAY4 is a system like no other. It is a new-generation payment processing framework with a unique architecture built around common patterns and generic objects – customers, contracts, accounts and products – with unlimited hierarchies and extremely flexible business rules.
The WAY4 unified transaction processing core supports a variety of software modules and solutions. WAY4 can simultaneously run pre-paid cards and credit cards, manage corporate products, and launch loyalty solutions.
It enables complex request exchanges in various dialects including ISO8583, DDC and XML/IFX. This way, clients can access products and services from various back-office and billing systems through ATM, POS, kiosk, web, IVR and mobile banking, as well as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, CUP, JCB payment schemes and other channels.
A single WAY4 installation can run multiple businesses in different geographical areas, making it easy for organisations to meet cross-border and cross-industry demands. A simple setup of business rules allows WAY4 to manage multiple currencies, languages, and time zones.
Single Platform – Multiple Solutions
Built on a unified modular platform, WAY4 allows you to configure your individual solution by selecting those WAY4 modules that best suit your business goals and requirements.
WAY4 modules cover all aspects of payment processing – issuing and acquiring, management of multiple financial institutions, personalisation, terminal management, payment scheme interfaces, host system interfaces and e-channels. Thanks to this variety, WAY4 solutions are the best for efficient card issuing, acquiring and transaction switching businesses.
Behind the modules and solutions, the WAY4 universal integration platform and unified business rules allow deep integration of WAY4 modules and other software like core banking systems, IVR, CRM, and the host systems of other banks and service providers.
Record Performance on Open Platform
WAY4 has demonstrated a record performance of 3000 business transactions per second. To date, this is one of the highest performance indicators for card payment transaction switching systems run on an open platform.
Some of our customers manage more than 14 million debit and credit cards on a single WAY4 platform.
Platform for Growing Business
WAY4 is a high-speed system, available around the clock. This makes the system attractive to large banks, processors and telcos planning to invest in their card issuing and acquisition businesses.
WAY4 gives many companies the satisfaction of knowing that they have chosen the best in software and hardware. Working together with our partners, the result is a mature and proven product with extreme flexibility, reliability and performance.
WAY4 High-Hovume Processing on Open Platform

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