WAY4 Data Preparation and Card Personalisation

EMV smart card personalisation


The WAY4 Smart Card Personalisation software allows banks, processing companies and third-party personalisation bureaus to perform data preparation and personalisation for magnetic stripe and EMV smart cards of all principal types. This reliable, safe and cost-effective system is based on flexible, configurable scenarios and allows using various hardware platforms.

Data Preparation, Key and PIN Management

Generates security keys
Visa, MasterCard or local certificate authority options are available
Batch key generation for faster card personalisation
Encrypts data through encryption device
HSM RG7100 (Thales)
HSM RG7400 (Thales)
Protect Server Orange (SafeNet)
Prepares data for magnetic stripe encoding
Prepares EMV data for smart card personalisation
Generates personalisation files
Generates PINs and prints PIN mailers
Delivers interfaces to an external persobureau

EMV Smart Card Personalisation

Electrical EMV chip personalisation
Diversity of cards and applications
Axalto, Austria Card, Rosan Finance, Oberthure, Gieseke & Devrient
Palmera Swift v3b, e-Galeon G2, e-Galleon, JCOP30, JCOP20, JCOP 10, Palmera Protect V5, Star DC M V2.50
EMV smart cards, including pre-authorised technology (VSDC+, VSDC, MChip 4 generic or MPAD, MChip Lite)
Global platform, MULTOS, Java technologies and native cards
Offline Encrypted PIN, Offline Clear PIN
Flexible configurable card personalisation scenarios based on ISO 7816-3 command templates and encryption device commands for the flexible control of card data structures
Embosser interface
HSM interface

Perso Configurations


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