WAY4 AMEX Interface

WAY4 American Express Interface


American Express was founded in 1850 as an express delivery company. Today, American Express is a payment scheme that has established partnerships with over 100 issuers in 120 countries. There are several million merchant locations and over 500,000 ATM machines worldwide that accept American Express cards.
In 1997 American Express opened its global Network to banks and other institutions and announced the formation of the American Express Global Network Services Group (GNS). Today leading banks and other institutions can issue American Express charge and credit cards, or their own branded cards, and have them accepted on American Express merchant network.
WAY4 AMEX Interface complements WAY4 Issuing and WAY4 Acquiring modules to equip a bank or a processing company with functionality mandated by the American Express payment scheme.

AmEx Authorisation

Processing of all essential transaction types
Cash advances
ATM withdrawals
Balance inquiries
Transaction services
AMEX e-commerce
AEIPS (chip) transactions
Virtual ATM cash
Emergency check cashing
Emergency card replacement (ECR)
Communication and message protocols
TCP/IP and X.28, X.25 communication protocols
Global Network Services protocol

AmEx Clearing and Settlement

Incoming clearing files processing
Outgoing clearing files processing
Reconciliation and reporting
Interchange fees and commissions accounting
Rejections processing
Processing of all mandatory clearing messages
First and second presentments
Retrieval requests and fulfillments
First and second chargebacks
Fee collections/funds disbursements
Stop lists processing
AEIPS (chip) full compliance


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