WAY4 Host System Interface

WAY4 Host System Interface


WAY4 Host System Interface is a powerful host-to-host online and clearing module designed for principal and affiliated banks, multi-branch financial institutions, and processors. It provides inter-bank and inter-branch connections to any other WAY4 host and creates an efficient real-time link to a variety of third-party solutions existing in the market.
WAY4 Host System Interface is based on industry-recognised protocols. The interface supports enhanced data processing and is fully EMV-compliant.
Customised interfaces can be developed according to customer requirements. The module is fully integrated into the WAY4 universal framework that capitalises WAY4 benefits such as multi-channel and multi-institutional processing. This minimises the time required to implement issuing and acquiring connections on WAY4.
The same bilateral interfaces can be efficiently used when migrating step-by-step from legacy platforms to WAY4. When processing bilateral clearing interchange, WAY4 can be used at both the issuer and the acquirer side.


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