WAY4 Core

WAY4 Processing System Core


The WAY4 architecture is based on a unified online transaction management and accounting Core. This Core is surrounded by a whole range of application modules supporting a variety of functional requirements.
WAY4 Core comprises a number of generic application building blocks, such as accounts, contracts, clients, products and transactions, used to assemble user-defined business objects, rules and procedures.

WAY4 Core Business Functions

Product management
Client management
Contract management
Account management
Transaction processing
Business Process Management

WAY4 Core System Functions

Menu management
Screen form management
Report management
Access security management
Audit and logging
Workflow management
Job scheduling
Planned Stand-In
Since all WAY4 applications use WAY4 Core as their backbone, they are easily and seamlessly assembled into an integrated customer-specific solution that provides a uniform user interface, streamlined business processes, efficient performance, and considerable cost reductions.


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