WAY4 Acquiring

WAY4 Acquiring module


Service Management

Card Products Accepted
Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Diners, CUP, JCB, local cards
Credit, ATM/debit cards, prepaid, commercial, gift, loyalty cards and their combinations
Revolving, grace period, charge, and other credit products
Installments, special products (installments, shariah-compliant, etc.)
Delivery channels
POS, ATM, Self-service kiosk
Web and Mobile banking
Ivteractive Voice Response system (IVR)
Flexible business rules
Acquiring EMV (VSDC, VSDC+, M/Chip, M/Chip 4 Pre-authorised) and contactless cards
Various fees, discounts and penalties
Information services
Balance inquiries
Credit limit and other account details
Mini-statements (10 last transactions)
Account selection
Cash operations
Cash withdrawal
Note acceptance
Cash payments to accounts
Paying for prepaid services (vouchers, scratch codes, information, etc.) by cash
Payments and transfers
Transfers between accounts
Transfers between cards within one payment system (P2P on-us)
Transfers between cards of different systems (P2P)
Paying for outside providers' services
Paying for prepaid services by card
Paying for goods in self-service mode (CAT/ADM)
Account and profile management
Locking a card
Activating services
My payments (client profile management)
Marketing messages
Loyalty programme subscription
Bonus account information requests
Exchanging bonuses for presents, goods, etc.
Various bonus and discount calculation schemes
Statements including loyalty programme information
Loyalty programme reports for merchants
Transaction limits, usage limiters, channels, group configurations
Various merchant and cardholder loyalty programmes
Segmentation of products, services and clients
Multicurrency support
Dynamic currency conversion (DCC)


Client application processing
Merchant profiling
Creating acquiring contracts
Account setup

Relationship (Contract) Management

Various forms for entering information on merchants and other servicing channels, forms for viewing client and transaction history
POS, ATM, self-service kiosk management
Web banking and mobile banking services
Contract, account and service management and reporting
Flexible description of client servicing rules through hierarchical contracts
Merchant hierarchies and capability of configuring authorisation and billing rules, limiters and reports for every level
Generating configurable template-based statements and delivering them to merchants through various services
High level of parameterisation, which allows for setting up a custom configuration that meets every merchant's requirements
Preferred merchants support for commercial cards acquiring

Operational Management

Channel management, including infrastructure for managing POS terminals, ATMs, self-service kiosks, web banking and mobile banking
Channel monitoring
Data preparation for external systems

Authorisation and Risk Management

Group and custom transaction limit configurations for every access channel
Risk management, suspicious transactions monitoring, and real-time fraud prevention
Reports and statistics according to international payment system requirements
Merchant stop lists

Account Management and General Ledger

Unlimited merchant and device hierarchies, unlimited number of merchants and devices on every hierarchy level
Hierarchy management
Moving a selected merchant or device within a hierarchy
Changing a financial institution for a selected hierarchy
Hierarchy-based authorisation, risk management, billing and reporting
Various billing cycle types and frequency
Flexible billing cycle configuration
Multiple parameters for payment details description based on transaction types and conditions


A set of flexible rules for charging fees and discounts based on transaction types and conditions
Unlimited number of events for charging fees

Loyalty Programmes

Various schemes for online support of merchant and cardholder loyalty programmes, demand stimulation programmes
Discount and bonus programmes
Merchant bonus clubs


Report data preparation, including reports for international payment systems and government agencies, turnover and profitability analysis reports, effectiveness and marketing needs analysis reports, others
Various configurable report templates
Compliance with international payment system requirements and national rules

Additional Features

Various rules for merchant profile analysis
Various online schemes for merchant and cardholder loyalty stimulation and support programmes
Processing enhanced data within commercial card transactions
Stand-In for executing routine procedures


Multiple currencies
Multiple languages
Multiple time zones


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