WAY4 Visa Interface

WAY4 Visa Interface


In 1958, Bank of America launched its BankAmericard program. In 1970, it transferred control and ownership of BankAmericard to the newly incorporated NBI (National BankAmericard, Inc.). In 1976, NBI changed the BankAmericard name to Visa. By now, Visa has 20,000 member financial institutions with 1.46 billion cards in circulation and 24 million merchant locations in 160 countries.
WAY4 Visa Interface complements WAY4 Issuing and WAY4 Acquiring modules to equip a principal or associated Visa member with the functionality mandated by the payment scheme.

Visa Systems

Base I
Base II (including VSS)

Visa Authorisation

Processing of all essential transaction types
Cash disbursements
Balance inquiries
Transaction services
VSDC transactions
Proximity payments
Recurring payments
Visa Money Transfer transactions
Unattended terminal transactions
Mail/phone transactions
Quasi-cash transactions
Pre-authorisation transactions
DKE (Dynamic Key Exchange)
Communication protocols
X.28, X.25

Visa Clearing and Settlement

Incoming clearing file processing
Outgoing clearing file processing
Reconciliation and reporting
Interchange fee and commission accounting
Rejection processing
Processing of all mandatory clearing messages
First and second presentments
Retrieval requests and fulfillments
Fee collections/funds disbursements
Clearing Reports
Visa Notification Report
Visa Submission Report
Visa SMS Submission Report
Visa SMS Reconciliation Report
Visa Outward Monetary Transaction Report
Visa Inward Monetary Transaction Report
Base II Incoming Files Summary Report
Base II Outgoing Files Summary Report
Risk management
FRS reports
NMAS reports
Card Recovery Bulletins processing
Processing rule import
BIN/ARDEF tables
Conversion rates
EMV processing


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