WAY4 Mobile Banking

WAY4 Mobile Banking module


In the world of widespread mobile communications, it's no surprise that mobile phones are increasingly popular with banks as a tool for online risk management, payments, account management, information, marketing and other services.
Mobile banking is not just about providing bank customers with real anytime/anywhere banking and substantially decreasing service costs. It makes communication between the bank and its customers truly "point-to-point", paving the way to high service volumes, a multitude of day-to-day mobile banking services, and increasing customer loyalty.
The "private" and "omnipresent" character of mobile banking makes it the perfect access tool for personalised financial servicing in a true 24x7 fashion.


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WAY4 Mobile Banking
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The Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk and OpenWay launch Mobile Banking

The Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk and OpenWay Debut MasterCard Mobile Authentication
By subscribing to this service, the bank customers may use their mobile phone to generate one-time passwords for secure web-banking and e-commerce.



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