WAY4 Web Banking

WAY4 Web Banking module


The WAY4 Web Banking module allows companies to create efficient web banking systems that make a wide range of their products and services available online. These include various accounts and card products (deposit accounts, debit and prepaid cards, credit and commercial products, loyalty and gift cards) and services (account management, statements payments, fund transfers, client profile management, and marketing services).
Integrated into the universal WAY4 transaction, product and risk management framework on an open platform, WAY4 Web Banking is highly parameterised and give you full control over your web banking scenarios, including system access rules, screen sequence scenarios, static and dynamic data generation, and page template management.
WAY4 Web Banking offers you a wide selection of user authentication methods - from passwords to smart cards and CAP methods, as well as the necessary level of security for online data using HTTPS.
WAY4 Web Banking's scalability allows you to build high-performance flexible web banking portals.


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